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BLOGGING 101: $200

    1    How to start your blog - down to the best blog designers out there!

    2    SEO tips and how to format your posts.

    3    How to set up the perfect layout. 

    4    Photo tips.

    5    How to write the perfect blog post to get more traffic.

...and much more!


INSTAGRAM 101: $200

    1    Getting the perfect aesthetic for your brand. 

    2    How to target your audience and grow followers organically.

    3    Hashtag and caption strategies. 

    4    Photo tips & editing tips.

    5    Beating the new Instagram algorithm and growing your Instagram engagement.

...and much more! 



    1    How to partner with brands.

    2   How to monetize your blog and Instagram.

    3   Learn about brands you can work with immediately. 

    4   Personal reference to RewardStyle. 

    5   Press Kit template and tips on building a Rate Sheet.

...and much more!



1    Learn which cameras, lenses, and equipment are best for blogging and getting those detail shots you’ve dreamt of!

2    Learn photography tips of all sorts including composition, setting, and scenery.

3    Learn how to set your ISO and shutter speed in different lighting situations.

4    Learn how to shoot manual.

5    Lastly, a full Q&A session where you can ask anything photography related!


LIGHTROOM 101: $200

1    Learn how to import, export, and do a batch set of edits.

2    Learn how to edit lighting in your photos without losing details in your photo.

3    Learn how to edit colors and hue - color correction and manipulation.

4    Learn how to crop, resize, and straighten photos. 

5    Lastly, a full Q&A session where you can ask anything Lightroom related!

**This Course is done via Skype screen-share so that you will be able to see Travis working within the program and do the steps with him! The photos he will edit are raw images and you will see the full process of editing them. He will edit multiple settings and styles of photos to help you learn!**

**Both photography courses are taught by my photographer + husband, Travis McQueen.**



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