Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My Favorite New Skincare Routine with Tula

Hey y'all!
I've done a previous post about Tula around a year ago. Since then I have only came to love this company more and more! I hadn't tried the exfoliating treatment mask on a regular basis until recently. Y'all. It's a game changer for your skin! If you wear makeup even just every other day your skin needs this product! It works miracles! My skin feels softer than it ever has before!

I also love using this purifying face cleanser with my Clarisonic! My skin always feels so clean and refreshed after a long day. Not to mention how good everything from this line smells! Oh my goodness. Honestly some of the best skincare I have ever used and I can't wait for you to try it out!

I also love using their Hydrating Day and Night Cream for my moisturizer! It's so great. I also have oily skin... so no fear ladies! This line has never made my skin more oily. I actually find my skin gets oily when I miss a day! Bottom line... you've got to try these products! If you're still a little unsure, I suggest trying it out with this discovery kit that even comes with a little travel bag! Let me know what you think!

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Perfect Outfit for a Spring Wedding

Top/Dress: Dress Up c/o (sold out, similar option here and here) || Skirt: Make Me Chic c/o || Necklace: BaubleBar || Earrings: Kate Spade || Sunglasses: Nordstrom || Shoes: Steve Madden

Hey y'all!
Gosh, I can't believe we are already in the Spring season! I am so thankful but also so shocked at how fast this year is already going by! So many good things are happening within the "behind the scenes" of my life and I can't wait to share some of that with you soon. For starters, I have a few new post topics coming to the blog. Not "new" new, but things I've not written about in a loooooong time. Going to be opening up more to y'all on the spiritual side of things and also sharing more of the gritty side of blogging. I can't wait!

With Spring upon us, the weddings are likely to be happening left and right. Spring weddings are beautiful and I love the pastels and bright whites that are usually bound to accompany them. I'm sure you have all stood in front of your closet just hours (or minutes really) before you are due to a wedding with the thought of "Oh my gosh. I have nothing to wear!" I know I have. 

When I came across this gorgeous dress from Dress Up, I knew it had to be mine and never thought I would be pairing it with a skirt! This ensemble turned out so gorgeous! I couldn't have been happier when I put this outfit on. It's beyond perfect for a Spring wedding or a "fancy" date night with your man. I could even see this outfit being worn for Easter! Unfortunately, this dress is sold out but I've linked similar options for y'all above!

This beautiful skirt from Make Me Chic is so stunning! I usually shy away from maxi skirts (because I'm so short!) but was beyond happy when this baby arrived in the mail! It's so classy. It could be paired with a million different things and be dressy or casual. I paired it with this dress tucked in because I loved the florals with the pink. However, a solid cream top would also be lovely! 

No wedding outfit is complete without the perfect accessories. I finished off this look with this necklace from BaubleBar and my favorite Kate Spade earrings! These Steve Madden sandals also go perfectly with this look! After pulling everything together, I felt beyond beautiful and ready to party!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Biggest Sale of Spring

Hey y'all!
Today I've rounded up my top picks from the Shopbop sale!! This sale is so huge! It's always one of my favorites for spring and summer purchases! Everything I've listed is currently in full stock but I don't expect that to last long! To shop my picks, simply click on the photo of the piece(s) you like and it will direct you straight there! Don't forget to use code GOBIG17 at checkout to get up to 25% off of your order! 

Monday, February 27, 2017

NYFW: What I Wore

Hey y'all!
Wow! What a crazy couple of months it's been for me! From the holidays, NYFW prep + trip, my "day job", school, health issues, etc... it's been a crazy journey! I am just so thankful for all of you and the support you continue to show even when I'm not running at 100%! I also want to say thank you to everyone who is showing love to my new lifestyle Instagram account (follow along here)! That is something I've had on my list for a while now and I'm excited to see where it goes. 

If you're a blogger or are familiar with creating content of any sort... then you know this little thing takes a lot of time! Time is something I've not had much of here lately to be honest. I know this place has been a sort of wasteland here lately and I want to say I'm sorry for that! However, new content is coming, and when I say new I don't just mean a new post... I mean different posts that you may not be used to. I love to write. I love to style clothing. I love Jesus. I love adventuring. I love life. I want to wrap all of this together here in this little corner of the internet for y'all. So buckle your seat belts... it's going to be a wild ride! 

I also want to touch on something that I've been getting asked a lot. "Why do I never see your new Instagram posts?" WELL. (rolls eyes) Instagram loooooves to change things 24/7. It seems like every time they do every blogger I know has trouble with their followers/readers seeing their posts. The solution? Either turn on post notifications for my page so that you never miss a post or simply LIKE and COMMENT on the photos you do happen to see. This will tell the Instagram brain that you actually want to see content from me and it will magically start appearing in your feed. I know it's crazy, y'all. I miss the good ol' days when everything was chronological and you saw everything from everyone. Like, if you don't like what someone posts why would you follow them anyway??

IN OTHER NEWS. I had so much fun in New York City! It was a whirlwind of a trip though! It took my near 24 hours to get there and when I did... I had lost luggage. But enough about that... I'll be writing a full blog post on my New York Fashion Week experience soon! What y'all want to know is "What did you wear" and "Where is it from". Of course you do! I was lucky enough to have most of my clothing gifted to me by sweet boutiques! I love supporting small businesses and was beyond happy to do this during my time in NYC! Mostly everything I wore is still available (yay!) and the best part? 99% of it is affordable for people on a budget like me! Simply click the links below the photos to shop the exact pieces (or very similar ones!) I'm wearing. Love y'all! 

Hat: Novae Clothing c/o (only $8!!) || Top: Hello Harper c/o || Leggings: Comm-Ci || Shoes: Steve Madden || Luggage: iFly Luggage c/o

Dress: Penelope Sage c/o || Coat: Nordstrom Rack (under $50!) || Necklace: Panacea || Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (sold out in blush but available in black!) || Shoes: Jessica Simpson || Earrings: Kate Spade

Dress: Dress Up c/o (sold out, love this!) || Earrings: BaubleBar c/o || Shoes: JC Penney (sold out, almost identical option)

Dress: Shop Stevie Fashion c/o (love, love, love!) || Necklace: BaubleBar c/o || Shoes: Jessica Simpson || Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (sold out in blush but comes in black!)

Top: ASOS (has an open back!) || Denim: Topshop || Shoes: Vince Camuto || Earrings: BaubleBar c/o

Top: Free People || Coat: Nordstrom Rack || Denim: Topshop || Boots: JC Penney (sold out, very similar option) || Necklace: BaubleBar c/o

Top: Adorabelles c/o || Leggings: Comm-Ci c/o || Boots: JC Penney (sold out, very similar option) || Necklace: BaubleBar

Dress: Dress Up c/o (ONLY 2 LEFT!!) || Shoes: Jessica Simpson || Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (sold out in blush, love the black!) || Bangles: Bourbon & Boweties

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Friday, February 17, 2017

I'm Choosing Joy

Hey y'all!
If you follow along with my Instagram and IG Stories, then you've already heard a little bit about what I'm getting ready to share. For Valentine's Day, my husband and I had a romantic dinner at home and ended the night with a long, uninterrupted conversation. We talked about life and where we see our lives heading within the near future. But the part I want to share with y'all is what's going to affect this blog and Instagram of mine. 

We discussed some of the things that are in our lives at the moment or things that we are currently doing that don't make us happy and/or bring us joy. There were honestly quite a few things that I hadn't realized were making me unhappy. We talked about our jobs, our decision of where to live, blogging, what's in our closets, and so much more. 

A lot of this may seem silly to some of you but that's okay. Ultimately, we decided to no longer do things that make us unhappy. To always choose happiness and joy. To never decide on a job or piece of clothing to simply please someone else. We are going to live each day to its fullest and seek the good things in life.

So, you're probably asking yourself... well what does this have to do with your blog? If you read my "Look at 2017" post back in January, then you saw a glimpse into this. You saw how I decided to be 100% authentic with y'all. I'll be honest this hasn't been easy. It's been downright terrifying if I'm honest. And I have been authentic to a T. So much that it's cost me blog posts and income. 

So what else is changing? I will be posting about clothing/accessories/products that I can afford myself - that I would purchase on my own. I know that most of my readers are college girls or women who are just starting out in life. For the most part, this means that you aren't making triple digits each year. Guess what? Neither do I! Actually - my husband and I don't make that much money combined. TMI? I don't care. 

Therefore, if a brand reaches out to me that sells clothing out of a "normal person" price range, I probably will turn down the collaboration unless they offer a giveaway prize to you all. It's that simple. It's time to be more realistic in this little corner of the internet I have. I'm here to show y'all how to feel beautiful about yourselves inside and out - but also on a budget. I'm here to show you how to find that great dupe for the amazing purse you can't afford. I used to be that girl who would put $800 on her credit card just so that other people would think I was "cool". But you know what? Know one actually cares if my purse was $2,000 or $20. That's just it. 

Posts are also going to be more real - maybe one day it will be about this cute (and affordable) outfit but the next day it's about how my hair got destroyed. I guess you can call it relatable. I want y'all to feel like you can relate to what I'm writing and wearing. I want to feel like you're hanging with your bff and not envying me over something that I can't even afford myself. I guess you could say my four days at NYFW really put this into perspective for me - along with the talk with my husband and Brighton Keller's IG Story a few days ago. 

So. Here's what I want to know. What do you like? What do you enjoy reading about here? No, I'm not asking this to simply copy and paste into a post. I'm asking to see what we have in common that I can relate to as well. I want to engage with y'all on a more personal level and not have this feel like a cold place - like so many other blogs/Instagrams have turned into. I love y'all and being real and raw with you gals is what I'm here for.

Also, to be honest, I don't have the time of a full-time blogger to do this blogging thing every single day. I work a full-time job and also go to school full-time + I'm a wife. So I write when I have time and always try to have at least one post up a week. You can always see something from me on my Instagram and will see a lot more each day if a few things fall into place this week. As always, feel free to email or message me. Love y'all. Let's get it.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Moisturizer: Amala Beauty (so good!!)

Top: Old (similar option here) || Vest: Macy's || Denim: AG Jeans || Shoes: Nordstrom (sold out, identical option here) || Hat: Draper James

Book: Amazon || Socks: Foot Cardigan c/o (so soft and warm!)

Coffee Mug: Sweet Water Decor || Planner: Kate Spade (on major sale!!) || MacBook Cover: Marble MacBook

Mascara: YSL (amazing y'all!)

Shoes: Nike

Vest: J. Crew || Top: J. Crew (sold out, similar option) || Denim: Banana Republic || Shoes: Steve Madden

Earrings: Kendra Scott via Rocksbox (use code BLOOMINTOBEAUTIFULXOXO for 1st month free!)

Necklace: Jenny Bird via Rocksbox (use code BLOOMINTOBEAUTIFULXOXO for 1st month free!) || Jacket: Old Navy (sold out, similar option here

Robe: Topshop || Coffee Mug: Cocoa + Jam

Sweater: Tristin (use code MM10 for $10 off!) || Lipstick: MAC 'Whirl'

Pullover: Patagonia (30% off!) || Denim: AG Jeans

Coat: GUESS (45% off!) || Bag: Prada || Shoes: Tory Burch

Shoes: Steve Madden

Mug: Elle + K 


Friday, January 27, 2017

The Perfect Travel Bag + What I'm Bringing for my NYFW Plane Trip

Tote: Thirty-One || Scarf: Zara (sold out, love this option) || Sunglasses: Ray-Ban || Book: Amazon || Phone Case: Case-Mate || Headphones: Apple

Hey y'all!
I can't believe NYFW is only two weeks away!! I'm so excited to be traveling along with my blogging besties, Brittany Sjogren and Vanessa Krom, for the weekend! It's going to be so fun and I've never been to NYC! 

My flight will only be around two hours, which means I won't need a lot in my travel bag, but you still need the essentials! I always like to travel with a blanket because it's usually cold on planes. This blanket scarf is perfect - accessorizing and staying warm! 

I usually end up with my sunglasses with me somehow... so those are always draped on my bag or laying on my head! 

Having a good book to read is a MUST for me. I don't like to pay for the wifi on planes and can always use some quiet time from social media anyway! I will be bringing The Girl On the Train along for this trip! Travis and I just watched the movie and it was so good! 

Also, having headphones with me just in case I download a movie to watch or want to listen to music is important! I don't want to disturb anyone around me and to be honest... I'll sometimes put them in while reading just so that I'm not bothered! Hah! 

Lastly, having the perfect travel bag is crucial. When I saw this bag from Thirty-One I knew it would be perfect for my upcoming trips! Everything I need fits perfectly inside and there's room for more if you pack a lot! The quality of this bag is out of this world for the small price tag! I know you'll love it - so go grab one now! 

PS I will be giving one of these totes away on my Instagram tonight at 8PM Central! It will run for 48 hours!! Good lucks babes and thanks for reading!